Refocusing on our 2021 Goals

Refocusing on our 2021 Goals

Wow ? the second half of the year is already here! Some of the Peopleconnexion team are entering the new quarter at home (due to a lockdown), so we are using this time away from the office to reset and refocus our goals for the next six months.

As we enter the mid-point of the year (July), it is important to take this time to refocus on your goals. At Peopleconnexion we conduct a reflective exercise where each team member reflects and shares what went well for them in the last 6 months? They discuss what goals they set and achieved? What goals didn’t work? And, where to from here in terms of goals for the rest of 2021?

Despite the challenges of putting together goals when there is this heavy feeling of uncertainty (COVID-19), we’ve found taking the time to set goals has many benefits, including motivating us. Like us, you’ve probably lacked some motivation during lockdowns, so goals can really help! We’ve also found no matter how big or small the goal is, when you achieve a goal, it gives you something to celebrate.

At Peopleconnexion we set goals at the start of the year and during July we take the time to celebrate the small & big personal and professional wins we’ve has so far, whilst also refocusing our energy for the rest of the year. Research by Harvard Professor and Author Teresa Amabile has shown that tracking these small and incremental wins can do wonders for our motivation and boost our self-confidence. This is because every achievement ? big or small ? activates our brain’s reward circuitry. We also use this time to reflect on the goals that didn’t work, whether it was a big goal or a little goal sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Maybe priorities have shifted and it’s no longer a goal, or often life just gets the way, and we lose focus on our goals. You aren’t alone, it happens all the time but what makes a difference is when you take an opportunity to reset priorities and refocus on that goal.

Setting goals and writing them down is the first step towards bringing your 2021 dreams into a reality. The second part of successful goal setting is the systems and processes you put in place to help you succeed. ?A goal without a plan is just a wish.? (Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry). I suggest you begin your goal setting with the end in mind. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

?             Specific: What exactly are you going to do?

?             Measurable: How will you know if you are succeeding?

?             Achievable: How will you implement the goal?

?             Relevant: Does the goal connect to your overall objectives?

?             Timely: When will you achieve the goal by?

I?d highly suggest you implement goal setting for yourself and your career, as well as with your team or your wider organisation. If you are unsure where to start, LeanIn had some great reflective questions:

  • What tiny victory (or victories) have you achieved in the past week?
  • Think about one professional goal you’ve been working towards. How is it tracking? What’s one small step you can take toward that goal now?
  • Think about a priority in your personal life. What are some important ways you can keep working on it in this new climate?

Once you’ve reflected, always take a few minutes to write down a goal using the SMART principle and share it with someone to help build that accountability.

Good luck with your half-year goal-setting!

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