Understanding Employee Engagement

Strengthen your culture and build a better company by running a Peopleconnexion Engagement Survey. Our engagement survey solution is designed to help organisations understand how they can improve the employee experience and deliberate steps to create an environment that drives engagement throughout the organisation. The benefits of an engagement survey is it enables you to assess how engaged and motivated your employees are and obtain actionable insights into your employees’ attitudes and opinions towards their work and work environment.

Employee Engagement Survey in Action

Kina Bank approached Peopleconnexion to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey in order to measure the current employee engagement, with the intention to take deliberates steps to improve Engagement across the organisation.

The Peopleconnexion survey identified areas that Kina Bank was able to address, and since then they have created an internal team that are driving areas around improving engagement levels.

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Our Approach

By getting a stronger sense of what your employees feel about work, you can provide solutions that increase engagement, lead to a transparent and open environment and start the dialogue. Through the employee survey you can measure your baseline level of employee engagement. This instrument will give you a clear roadmap to how you can increase employee engagement within your organisation over the year.


Give your employees a voice

Our engagement surveys are designed to help organisations understand how they can improve the employee experience. The results of your employee engagement survey are interpreted by Peopleconnexion’s actuarial Consultant, who then prepares a comprehensive but easy to understand report. Results can be interpreted according to your chosen demographic indicators, to help compare and contrast engagement across the organisation. You can also benchmark the results against organisations like yours.

Peopleconnexion’s will make informed recommendations for your business and identify the most effective course of actions that can be taken to have the greatest impact on increasing employee engagement based on your results.

“Excellent skill”

Ever since I dropped my CV with PC PNG I was given every opportunity that match my qualifications in finance till I was employed. PeopleConnexion stays with you till the end… And they have excellent skill sharing tips and consultations. Thanks to G. Tavaperry who was my consultant during that time. ?

Charlie Maino Balil

Team members

As Learning & Development consultants, we are passionate about building capability and developing confidence in people and organisations.

Our team is full of diverse backgrounds, ranging from HR, recruitment, management, coaching, finance and marketing, but we all share one passion: unleashing talent.

Our Employee Engagement specialists:

Kristine Berry


With over 25 years of experience in engineering recruitment, Kristine has worked with global clients and has been involved in delivering talent solutions for multi-million dollar projects.

Gary Blair


Gary is passionate about motivating people to lead and live better than they did yesterday. With over 15 years’ experience, Gary has enjoyed writing and facilitating leadership and
management material for top companies.

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