Training and Development

At Peopleconnexion, we unleash talent by building capability and developing confidence in people and organisations. Our tailored training programs are designed to accelerate leadership development, maximise team effectiveness and drive breakthrough innovation to prepare your organisation for the challenges of the future of work.


PX Leadership

Develop transformational leadership competencies and personal effectiveness.


PX Engage

Understand how your organisation can improve the employee experience.


PX Outplacement

Support employees that are leaving by providing outplacement.


PX Personal Mastery

Optimise your potential by understanding your self.


PX Performance

Work in and collaborate with multi-functional, multi-level teams.


PX Coach

Impact performance, engagement and the culture of an organisation.



Our Consultative Approach

With over 50 years combined Organisational Development experience our team is equipped support your Learning & Development goals and objectives. Our leaders are supported by an experienced team of facilitators, and consultants. We also have developed long-term relationships with industry partners and associations to ensure your organisation has access to the latest in Learning & Development research, design and practice.

Our team combines real-world business experience with modern research to provide you with frameworks and tools to boost your organisation’s capabilities. We partner with your organisation to understand your unique business challenges and opportunities. Using this insight, we collaborate with you to create customised programs to support your strategic imperatives.

Once the program reaches its completion, we offer additional follow-up support to keep your team on the right track and provide ongoing access to online learning materials, literature and professional advice.


Our positive experience with Peopleconnexion is a testament to the research and practical tools incorporated in their workshops. I would not hesitate to recommend the team's work for any organisation looking to genuinely invest in their teams and partner with a provider that takes the time to understand, consult and go the extra mile to deliver results.

- Partner, KPMG

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From the moment the team completed their first three-day session, myself and the top team identified a change in the ways of working and attitudes that the next level of leaders exhibited. Further to this, the tools and frameworks utilised in the workshops, including facilitated Team Management Profile (TMP) assessments, have further reinforced learning in the workplace.
The quality of our experience with Peopleconnexion is a testament to their professionalism and I would recommend them to anyone seeking to empower their workforce and equip them with the tools and knowledge to succeed.- Human Resources, British American Tobacco PNG

Team members

As Learning & Development consultants, we are passionate about building competence and developing confidence in people and organisations.

Our team is full of diverse backgrounds, ranging from HR, recruitment, management, coaching, finance and marketing, but we all share one passion: building legacies.

Kristine Berry


With over 25 years of experience in engineering recruitment, Kristine has worked with global clients and has been involved in delivering talent solutions for multi-million dollar projects.

Gary Blair


Gary is passionate about motivating people to lead and live better than they did yesterday. With over 15 years’ experience, Gary has enjoyed writing and facilitating leadership and
management material for top companies.

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