Peopleconnexion and Project Yumi join forces in new partnership

Peopleconnexion and Project Yumi join forces in new partnership

Peopleconnexion is pleased to announce a partnership with Project Yumi, an Australian charity that supports local communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), to enhance the quality of education and healthcare.

At Peopleconnexion we are passionate about the importance of education and recognise how significant literacy is to a child’s life. When our own Consultant Gima Tavaperry on the ground in PNG discovered Project Yumi and saw the work they do to create quality learning environments for all Papua New Guineans, naturally, we decided to partner with them. Together we share a vision for the enhancement of education and health care in PNG.

Project Yumi prepares to send donations to people in need in PNG | The  Courier MailPapua New Guinea is a country rich in ethnical diversity, culture and natural resources, however, more than eighty percent of its population cannot access the basic services and facilities that most of us take for granted. Issues such as malnourishment, limited access to health and education services, low life expectancy and high child and maternal mortality rates are just a small insight into the challenges that Papua New Guineans face on a daily basis. 

Through donations and fundraising initiatives Project Yumi provides valuable health and educational resources such as school furniture, books, stationery and medical equipment to PNG communities. Since their establishment, Project Yumi has donated furniture, equipment, medical items and educational resources to a wide range of schools and organisations in several different provinces including NCD, Central, Gulf, ENB, Bougainville and Eastern and Western Highlands.

This partnership will see Project Yumi launch their Project Wok Program for school and university students from the PNG community direct from the Peopleconnexion Brisbane HQ. The Brisbane-based program will commence in July 2021 and will continue for the remainder of the year. Participants will be able to use the modern and central Brisbane Peopleconnexion offices to undertake a four-module targeted job readiness program that covers job search strategies, resume writing, interview skills and financial literacy.

Project Wok aims to empower Papua New Guinean youth with sustainable skills that will help them create the foundations they need to build a successful future. The transition from high school or further education into employment can be a daunting experience for youth. Being able to set yourself apart from other potential candidates plays a vital part in being able to secure success. Having support during this phase not only builds self-confidence but also creates capable and active citizens. Participants of the program will be supported by professionals throughout the program, and our very own Peopleconnexion Managing Director Kristine Berry will step into mentor and participate in the program.   

We are so pleased to be able to in partnership with Project Yumi bringing participants one step closer to achieving their dreams through the Project Wok program.


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