Why Brisbane is Australia’s most underrated city (and next rail hotspot)

There’s no doubting Brisbane has been the butt of southern jokes for a while now. For a city that would otherwise be known for its laidback culture and sunshine, Brisbane still carries the reputation of being a stereotypical boring ex-country town.

This is finally starting to change.

Much like Sydney and Melbourne were 20 years ago, Brisbane is in the middle of a major shift. Over the past few years the city has moved away from an economy reliant only on mining. The region has begun developing its own niche industries, innovation hubs, and even a caf? culture to rival Melbourne’s.

There is no denying that Brisbane is in the middle of a huge re-brand, transitioning from Brisvegas into a ?new world city?.

To be frank, the opportunities to live and work here are becoming more abundant. We enjoy almost year-round sunshine, lower house prices than other major cities and a high degree of connectivity to South East Asia, opening the doors for future investment.

With the addition of recent project awards, engineers in Queensland are offered more varied work and greater opportunities than ever.

Recently I reached out to my network to ask what their favourite thing is about living and working in Brisbane. From the responses I received, it’s clear that the region’s friendly and laidback feel, increasing connectivity, friendly people and fantastic weather are the real stand-out points.

Our office has put together a short summary of why Brisbane is Australia’s next up-and-coming location:  

The Projects

Brisbane is currently experiencing some massive growth within the rail sector as it continues to transform connectivity across the region. With a number of recent project awards as well as business case submissions, we have funding in place to move forward with a number of major projects. These include:

  •         Cross River Rail – $5.4bn
  •         ARTC Inland Rail ? Multiple packages, $10.4bn
  •         Brisbane Metro – $1.5Bn
  •         Gold Coast Light Rail, Stage 3 – $600m
  •        Beerburrum to Nambour upgrade- $780m

The Roles

We are working closely with a number of Australia’s largest design consultancies, offering opportunities for engineers of all levels. We would particularly be keen to hear expressions of interest from:

  •         Design Managers ? Rail/civil
  •         Project Managers
  •        Project/Design Delivery Specialists
  •         Rail Design/Civil Engineers ? All levels
  •         Permanent Way Engineers
  •         Track Engineers
  •         Civil Designers
  •         Signalling Engineers (ETCS L2)
  •         Systems Assurance Engineers

Why is Brisbane so underrated?

Climate, cost and liveability.

With affordable property and a laid back culture, this is becoming the place to be. Say goodbye to the million dollar property bubbles of Sydney and Melbourne, and the grind of your morning commute.

Whilst its reputation as a big country town is still there, the reality is that Brisbane is fast becoming a sophisticated city: vibrant, cultured and forward thinking.

Whether it’s pristine beaches, rainforests or city life that floats your boat, Brisbane has it all. Property prices and inner-city rentals are within reach, with bargains still to be had. A great place to live for both families and single professionals.

If you would like to know more about the projects and the opportunities in Brisbane, or how you could fit it with these please contact me for an informal discussion on (07) 3333 1511 or via paul@peopleconnexion.com

Relocation packages are available for interstate candidates.  

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