The Evolving Recruiter – Social and Scheduling

Upon attending the S.P.R.I.N.T. conference yesterday and listening to Greg Savage and Chris Savage iterate the benefits of driving content through social media it became apparent that like many of the industries we partner with as recruiters, mastering social platforms is something we all must accept to thrive. With LinkedIn being the obvious plug-in to the industry, it is the go-to social media vehicle that we incorporate into our process but it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social. With Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp along with a plethora of other platforms popularly used every day by our audience the mastery of these is an ongoing journey. Are you prepared to take the first step?

By definition, social media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in a social network.

As this is part of many of our personal behaviours and tends to consume more and more of our time outside of work, finding a balance is key to incorporating social into our industry. Defining the line between personal and professional is the other point to consider when establishing your social brand. Utilising automation and scheduling to disperse your social content, these are all important tools that Greg and Chris noted in their content and one of my biggest notes to take from the session.

The reason that automation is so key to our industry is because the first-principles or as some term it, “old-school” recruitment, are the building blocks and success zones of our profession. While social is an excellent way to disperse information, to convert this into activity and results for our clients, embracing the first principles of building relationships and having verbal and non-verbal conversations with people is absolutely vital. The lesson here is spend some time researching automation so that it only takes 5-10% of your time to create and schedule your content so you can spend the rest developing and nurturing your human relationships.

Greg threw out the challenge yesterday of assessing our Social Selling Index through LinkedIn and threw a few prizes in the mix for those at the northern end of the scale. While as a company, we at Peopleconnexion have incorporated this into our practice there is an ever-evolving list of improvement points and lessons to learn as we move further into the social landscape. 

We are accepting the challenge of becoming future-fit recruiters and ensuring that we continually provide the highest level of service and deliver quality outcomes to our clients as to be their true partners.

Part of this is continuing to work on our SSI. Have you assessed your SSI?

For those of you who are looking at developing your SSI (Social Selling Index), spends 15 minutes each day to take some lessons from Greg’s ( and Chris’s ( blogs, books and articles. Thank you both for your insights, guidance and ongoing support of our industry.

– Dane Leeson, Senior Consultant

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