Peopleconnexion Support #BalanceForBetter This International Women’s Day

Peopleconnexion Support #BalanceForBetter This International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day where we call on everyone to support gender balance and its role in making our world a better place.

As professionals in recruitment and Learning & Development, we acknowledge our role in areas and industries where there is still a way to go.  

Working in engineering in Australia and across the board in PNG, we have a platform to support positive change where there are still strides to be made ? and this isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

From our PNG salary survey last year, we saw evidence of the gender pay gap and uncovered a genuine need for training and development for professionals across the board. In reality, there is still a journey ahead to achieving a balanced world that benefits everyone.

The truth is ? today isn’t just about women and gender equality isn’t just a checkbox to be ticked.

It’s about every person playing their part in driving better outcomes through meaningful words and targeted action ? unbiased hiring, reviewing remuneration and equal opportunities for training and progression.

Much of this starts with our thinking and our attitude.

This week, we asked the team at Peopleconnexion for their favourite quotes and career advice to share in light of today’s focus. Here’s what they said:

Gima Tavaperry, Resourcing Consultant:


Mari-lette Coleman, Office Manager:


Lesieli Taviri, PNG Director:


Kristine Berry, Director:


Stephen Mead, PNG Country Manager:


Jennifer McNamara, Senior Consultant:


Jean Kilner, Principal Consultant ? Learning & Development


Marnie Mommers, Communication Consultant:


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