#4 Increase workforce engagement in 2021: I love my job

I love my job?….

Are you confident of your team’s answer to that question?

Love might not be a word you often hear uttered in the workplace; however, the sentiment has a strong influence on workplace outcomes. The more an employee wants to show up to work (because they love their job) the more engaged they are.

 During the onset of COVID-19 organisations had to act quickly and make rapid changes to their operations, but now 9 months on the dust has settled, and the question organisations should be asking is what has been the impact of these COVID-19 changes on employee engagement and productivity.


Return stronger: Focus on workforce engagement


Being the start of the year, employees are starting to reflect on what has changed and what has been lost, and whether they still feel connected, inspired, and in love with their job. A key factor in making sure your employees remain on track is to focus inward. The return to normal work practices (or permanent acceptance of new work practices) present an opportunity for companies to rethink their employee engagement. In 2021, measuring and boosting employee engagement should be at the top of the agenda. 


?During disruption, it’s especially important to make sure employees don’t become disengaged or frustrated as they adjust, for instance, to a new remote work environment or new business priorities,? says Caroline Walsh, Vice President, Gartner?. 

 If you have no markers of current engagement, the good news is, it is easy to understand, measure, and even boost engagement in a more targeted and dynamic way with an employee engagement survey. The feedback and insights from surveys can benefit your employer brand, your employees, and even your bottom line. Engagement surveys measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their work and organisation. 


Engagement surveys are a safe (confidential) way for employees to express their individual perspectives. They allow employees to say how they feel within their work environment and they help spotlight widely shared feelings of well-being and ?love for the job? across the workforce as well as specific teams. 


Going into 2021 and beyond employee engagement measures should also become a core part of a broader strategy for measuring business performance. When this data is tracked regularly and made available to managers, business leaders can start to understand the correlations between employee engagement scores and other business metrics. 

How can we help you?

Peopleconnexion can facilitate an Employee Engagement Survey, which can help you collect insights as well as you give your employees a voice. This actionable feedback will help you implement deliberate steps to increase engagement and drive performance. Book your free 1×1 conversation with our engagement survey expert, Jean Kilner to find out more.

How strong is your employee engagement? 


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