The World of Me

For individuals to be engaged and contribute to their highest potential they need to understand the world of work and how they can match their own talents, skills, needs and expectations to that world. Learn practical tools and insights to optimise your potential by understanding self, the world of work, personal brand and distinctiveness, and team effectiveness.

What is Personal Mastery?

Increasingly, business models move to open, networked formats requiring the ability to work in and collaborate with multifunctional, multi-level teams to achieve results. For individuals to be engaged and contribute to their highest potential they need to know how to perform, develop and manage their career through various stages in their lives.

What is personal mastery?

  • Personal improvement and overcoming obstacles
  • Having a clear purpose and vision for your life
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and awareness
  • Taking responsibility for your growth and development

Personal Mastery Program Outcomes

By participating in these practical workshops, you will:

  • Explore and understand your personal profile, strengths and potential
  • Be stimulated to new and deeper thinking about yourself
  • Reflect on provocative questions that develop a broader interest and curiosity in your personal development, coping skills and career management
  • Open up to the concept of personal discovery through topics, assessments, group discussion, metaphors, stories and tools

“Excellent skill”

Ever since I dropped my CV with PC PNG I was given every opportunity that match my qualifications in finance till I was employed. PeopleConnexion stays with you till the end… And they have excellent skill sharing tips and consultations. Thanks to G. Tavaperry who was my consultant during that time. ?

Charlie Maino Balil

Team members

As Learning & Development consultants, we are passionate about building competence and developing confidence in people and organisations.

Our team is full of diverse backgrounds, ranging from HR, recruitment, management, coaching, finance and marketing, but we all share one passion: building legacies.

Our Personal Mastery specialists:

Kristine Berry


With over 25 years of experience in engineering recruitment, Kristine has worked with global clients and has been involved in delivering talent solutions for multi-million dollar projects.

Gary Blair


Gary is passionate about motivating people to lead and live better than they did yesterday. With over 15 years’ experience, Gary has enjoyed writing and facilitating leadership and
management material for top companies.

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