The Ripple Effect

Coaching as a leadership style has a major impact on performance, engagement and the culture of an organisation. It is an effective way to create a “ripple effect” throughout your organisation - where coaching, helping others, and unlocking potential is woven into the fabric of your team’s culture.

Why do you need a coaching program?

Over the past decade, skills shortages have created a need for organisations to find new ways of accelerating learning and facilitating the transfer of skills between experienced leaders and emerging leaders. One of the most practical and cost-effective ways to drive an internal culture of development, skills transfer and engagement is through coaching and mentoring.

By equipping your managers, leaders and supervisors with the tools they need to effectively coach, your organisation can leverage internal expertise to fast-track development, improve work performance, transfer skills, increase engagement and drive behavioural/attitudinal change.

  • Best place to start when your organisation needs skill development in multiple areas - coaching increases competency across the board.
  • Accessibility - everyone can learn how to coach and mentor.
  • Effective way to support succession plans and follow up internal training initiatives.
  • Sustainable method to improve employee competency, performance and engagement
  • Simple and cost-effective initiative to introduce.

Coaching Program Outcomes

This high-impact workshop is designed to be highly practical, utilising an action-learning style to accelerate learning and facilitate sustainable change in the workplace.

You can expect the following outcomes from the workshop:

  • Your organisation will change from the inside-out: building a critical mass of change agents in your business.
  • Your leaders will augment their existing coaching skills through a formal coaching structure, framework and practical tools.
  • Your teams will develop self-awareness and insight into their coaching style, being given opportunities to practice and identify ways to enhance and modify it.
  • Your employees will benefit from higher levels of engagement, gaining a sense of belonging to part of something larger

“Excellent skill”

Ever since I dropped my CV with PC PNG I was given every opportunity that match my qualifications in finance till I was employed. PeopleConnexion stays with you till the end… And they have excellent skill sharing tips and consultations. Thanks to G. Tavaperry who was my consultant during that time. ?

Charlie Maino Balil

Team members

As Learning & Development consultants, we are passionate about building competence and developing confidence in people and organisations.

Our team is full of diverse backgrounds, ranging from HR, recruitment, management, coaching, finance and marketing, but we all share one passion: building legacies.

Kristine Berry


With over 25 years of experience in engineering recruitment, Kristine has worked with global clients and has been involved in delivering talent solutions for multi-million dollar projects.

Gary Blair


Gary is passionate about motivating people to lead and live better than they did yesterday. With over 15 years’ experience, Gary has enjoyed writing and facilitating leadership and
management material for top companies.

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