Richard Christer

With over a decade of recruitment experience, my specialty is knowledge of markets, companies and their structures. I enjoy understanding people- their motivations and their desires.

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Best recruitment agency!

Amazing agency who truly cares about all of their candidates. They follow up on a regular basis to find out your employment status and do their utmost to find you a job. Honest, transparent and effective communication. Best recruitment agency!

Joshua Bodine


Proactive and responsive

Peopleconnexion have been very professional in assisting me with my job search and applications especially My Consultant who has been proactive and responsive to my emails and queries. A great big thanks for your support and assistance throughout this year. Even though we faced many challenges with the pandemic and lockdowns, Peopleconnexion was always looking for the job opportunities.

John Junior Ilai


Great engineering recruitment team

Great engineering recruitment team based in Brisbane.

Liam B


Trustworthy, diligent and caring

I have worked with Kristine and her team at People Connexion for over 10 years. Words that readily come to mind to describe this organisation are trustworthy, diligent and caring. They are also hardworking and professional, seeking a win win with all stakeholders. They will also ensure that you obtain your position of choice with your employer of choice.

Edward Gifford


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