Is it time for a brand audit?

Is it time for a brand audit?

With 2021 is right around the corner, there is no better time than now to undertake an employer brand audit. Whether you realise it or not, you currently have an external and internal employer brand. When we talk about employer brand, we aren’t talking about your name and logo, but instead your brand is your reputation, image and popularity.
An employer brand is about how an organisation communicates their culture and values in order to attract the right candidates. The brand you have and how you project it, shapes potential and current employees opinions of your business, with a 2018 reputation management study finding that nearly 70% of candidates identified an employer’s brand as being essential to whether they accepted a job position. The benefits of strong brand, are not only to attract new employees, a strong brand has the ability to keep your best talent engaged. 
If you?re wondering how to start making the culture and personality of your company visible to the outside world, here are our three simple steps to kickstart an audit of your brand:

1. Find out how your current employees feel

A strong brand audit starts form the inside out. In order to be able to project a compelling brand, you need to know how your employees feel right now, at the end of the day an employer brand is defined by the employees that work for it .
Understanding employee’s perception of your organisations starts with a conversation. The organisations that focus on giving employees a voice, have better communication within their businesses. When employees feel like they have contributed to the business, they tend to feel more engaged and are more productive.
A conversation with your employees will depend on how large your organisation is, and the resources you have access too. One way to give employees a venue for open feedback, is via an Engagement survey. Measuring the key drivers of engagement within your organisation will allow you to assess whether your employees are engaged or disengaged, what elements of the current culture and overall employee brand are compelling to current staff and what might be lacking. A survey helps you map results by teams and you can deep dive into the data and turn those results into actions that will increase organisational growth..

2. Create an employee value proposition that keeps your candidates engaged

It is a candidate driven market, if people employees choose to change jobs you have to compel them want to choose your organisation. Many candidates today are choosing an employer based on a whole range of factors that are not financially geared, for example flexibility, work environments, team culture and the company values are key issues employees consider. 
Knowing this, it is important your brand must project what it’s like to work at your company and what your company stands for to increase your chances of attracting great talent. The Employee Value Proposition is one assets that sets you apart from the competition in terms of hiring top talent. An EVP displays what your promise to candidates will get in return for working for your company. A strong EVP will transmit the principles that your company stands by and in-turn will help you attract and retain the best employees possible to help grow your business. 
In order to start building your EVP, you can use the information you’ve collected from your current employees and put that together with your candidate persona information to craft a compelling EVP.  
Download our complete guide to EVPs here. 

3. Ensure your external employer brand fully communicates your values and culture

Once you’ve gone to effort of talking to your employees and evaluating your EVP, its important to review all of your online communications channels to see if the messaging is aligned with your internal brand and company culture. 
It is not enough anymore just to have an up to date careers website, according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) report, 68% of millennial candidates scope out employers? social media accounts as a way to gauge employer brand. So the online presence of companies is playing an increasingly important role in the hiring process. Its important to check what message exists online about your brand, consider reviewing: your Company Website, Company Career Site, Online Reviews (Glassdoor and other employer review sites) and Company Social Media Accounts. 
The reputation and messaging you put online about your brand has lasting effects. What you put into the digital ecosystem about your brand needs to be compelling, and explain loud and clear why candidates they should apply for your jobs and how easy it is for candidates to apply to a job. Candidates want to understand the story of your brand and you want them to connect with your authentic brand, because if they are attracted to your brand they will be motivated to apply and they are the kind of candidates you want applying. 

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