2018 APEC update: The 6 building projects set to change Port Moresby

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2018 APEC update: The 6 building projects set to change Port Moresby

This time last year, I wrote Peopleconnexion PNG’s guide to six of Port Moresby’s biggest building projects of 2017.

With the 2018 APEC Summit in sight and questions circling around which projects will be completed in time, I wanted to follow up on the progress of some of the most anticipated developments of this year.

1.      Star Mountain Plaza

Probably the most awaited project of the past few years, Star Mountain Plaza is well on its way to completion, with fit outs and the convention centre to be finalised before its expected September deadline.

Image credit: Andy Hau (@yuda_pictures)

Image credit: Star Mountain Plaza

So far, 800 tonnes of steel and a whopping 4.5km of infrastructure pipework have been installed in the 16 floor-high structure. As of early this year, the laminate timber convention centre roof is being constructed and the first plant has officially made it into the ground: 

Image credit: Noble Fox, Star Mountain’s landscaping contractors

Image credit: Graham Aubrey

Star Mountain has recently been recognised for another reason, other than just towering over the hills of POM. Workers at Star Mountain have been provided with workers compensation insurance, free meals, bottled water, electrolyte supplements and vision testing under its employee health program.

After years of specialising in construction and hearing experiences of working conditions first-hand, this is a welcome change I hope to see on future sites throughout PNG and the broader Pacific.

2.      APEC Haus

By all accounts, APEC Haus is well and truly on track. 

Image credit: Robbie Huxley (@huxnlk)

Expected to be completed by August, the K120 million project will house some of the world’s top diplomats during the APEC Summit this November.

As of right now, the foundations of the two-level structure has been built, the roof is on and the exterior facade is being constructed. Executive Architects Conrad Gargett released some detailed designs of what we can expect from the building’s grand interior: 

Image credit: Conrad Gargett

The structure was in headlines last year after it was announced what will come of the structure following the global summit. In the months after APEC, the structure will be handed over to the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) and converted into a museum aimed at becoming an iconic tourist attraction in Port Moresby. The top floor will remain as an upstairs and conference space.

Image credit: Andy Hau (@yuda_pictures)

 3.      OPH Tower ? Stage Two

With less than 12 months left on the clock until its estimated completion date, OPH2 is hurtling towards the finish line.

Once completed, Lamana Development’s future twin residential tower and penthouse apartments are set to be leased out to corporate clients and house a vibrant retail space on the street level. 

Below is a shot of the possible (eventual) view of one of the restaurants finding its new home in stage two of the Old Parliament House redevelopment.

From the snap lead architects ETS shared a few months ago, it’s clear that the mid-stages of construction are well underway with the crane now at maximum height:

 During my visit in October, I was fortunate enough to be given a glimpse by LamanaDevelopment of what future tenants? views of the harbour might look like from the inside:

4.      Paga Hill Estate

It’s hard to overstate just how massive this project is ? 13.7 hectares of waterfront real estate housing luxury hotels, restaurants, retail stores and an entertainment precinct. Which makes it unsurprising that this mega-development will not be completed in time for APEC.

Image credit: Paga Hill Development

In recent months, the face of Paga Hill has changed dramatically.

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited POM, you might be surprised by the huge ring road now surrounding Paga Hill as you fly in. 

Image credit: Aaron Chin (@aronzo33)

According to a recent article in the Post Courier, what we are seeing is the official launch of Stage One – the result of civil works on stage one of the dining, entertainment and retail precinct.

In terms of timelines, construction of this particular stage of the project is officially due to begin in March this year. 

Image: Paga Hill Development

5.      Loloata Island

In case you need to refresh your memory, Loloata was once home to a quirky dive resort about an hour out of Port Moresby. In 2016, it was sold to make way for a luxury island resort set on pristine beaches and crystal clear water being development by Lamana.

Here is a mockup of the finished product by architects Thomson Adsett

Official updates about the project have been a little quiet. Unfortunately, with an estimated completion date stretching beyond 2018 you still have a little longer to wait before you can book yourself into one of their private waterfront villas. 

So far, the old structures on the island have been torn down, replaced with completed structural steelwork in preparation for the next stage of construction.

Last year, I also touched on Rangeview Heights ? another anticipated combined commercial-residential Lamana Development that will eventually call the centre of Waigani home.  So far, there have been no major developments to this project, so keep your eyes peeled in 2019 for some movement and key positions to start opening up.

If you have any further knowledge or are involved in these projects, please let me know what you think and share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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