10 Year PX Anniversary: Congratulations Fraser Hawkins

Congratulations Fraser Hawkins – 10 Years at PX 





This month at Peopleconnexion we’ve had a very exciting anniversary, Fraser Hawkins’s is celebrating 10 years at Peopleconnexion!

Since joining Peopleconnexion in 2010, Fraser has had a whirlwind of a career. He started at PX as a Senior Consultant in the Brisbane office, looking after mining and engineering roles. As the company evolved, so did Fraser’s role (and work location). In 2014 Fraser found his feet in expat specialist recruitment with a focus on Papua New Guinea. Since then he has collaborated with Kristine Berry, Peopleconnexion Director, and Stephen Mead, PNG Country Manager, to build operations and capability in Papua New Guinea, honing in on expatriate recruitment.


Fraser became Regional Manager, PNG & Asia Pacific in 2018, and has pioneered Peopleconnexion’s expansion into the market, with Peopleconnexion now the number one recruitment company in PNG! During this time Fraser has been working closely with a wide range of clients across the Asia Pacific region, the likes of APEC Haus, 2015 South Pacific Games Infrastructure and Star Mountain Plaza (Hilton Hotel). 


We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Fraser at Peopleconnexion, we predict more focus on expanding our recruitment services across South East Asia and the Pacific ?! On behalf of the team, THANK YOU, for your contributions, ideas, and the spirit you bring to Peopleconnexion.



This is just a snippet of the positive things people have to say about Fraser:


Kristine Berry (Managing Director) said, ?Fraser has been a valuable member of our team since joining Peopleconnexion. He has developed key clients within the region and proven his capability as a special recruiter. His knowledge of the PNG market and networks have been instrumental to his success as Regional Manager?. 


Stephen Mead (Country Director), described Fraser as a ?high energy recruitment professional who prioritises quality!”


One of his candidates on working with Fraser, ?My first introduction was when Fraser first reached out to me because of my fit with the role – he knows his stuff! For me, I knew Fraser approached it (recruitment process) in a way that it wasn’t just about me getting the job or placing me ? it was about helping me. We?re still in contact even now? he?ll catch up to see ?How are you going? How are things? Even every time he comes over (to PNG) we meet up for a beer and catch up. So that’s something special.?

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